Fresh and Spicy Wrap

Fresh and Spicy Wrap

We’re super excited to share one of our follower’s recipe!

Haidar Hachem aka @thirsty_samurai_piggy on Instagram, shared his wife’s creation and we were starstruck!

Marilyn Orozco, a content creator from Miami Florida, is well known for sharing her food, beer and wine, and adventures on Instagram. We’re so happy she shared her love for Vedgee Wraps. Follow her @littlemariii for more deliciously exciting adventures!

Now to the Fresh and Spicy recipe. This is such a simple, fresh, and tasty recipe that we just had to share.


Garden Cucumber Dill Vedgee Wrap

2 Sunny Side Up Eggs with Black and Crushed Pepper

Violife Vegan Cheese


Hot Sauce


Fresh Cut Tomatoes Sautéed in Gralic

You can find Vedgee Wraps in Sedano’s Supermarket and by checking our product locator.

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