About Us

More Than Just A Wrap.

Wraps usually serve a functional purpose during a meal; they’re there to hold a bunch of other tasty ingredients together. Not Vedgee wraps. We make them to be a flavorful and appreciated component of any dish. Vedgee wraps come in four different flavors, all made with 100% vegetable puree and garden herbs. Vedgee wraps don't just hold ingredients, they help carry a meal.

Vedgee™ tortillas grew out of a company's passion for great food and an ideal for what 
it should be. Easy Foods Inc has an artistry for making tortillas and developing and producing authentic Mexican foods for upscale restaurants. It should come as no surprise that most tortilla brands fall far short of Easy Foods' standards for freshness, natural flavor and authentic taste. Or, that they were driven to create a brand that finally lives up to its truest potential. And, is readily available to all.
Until now, the tortilla has been simply the wrapper for other foods. It's time for the tortilla to rise up and take its rightful place in the kitchen, as an essential ingredient that brings out the chef in all of us by inspiring everyday culinary creations. Vedgee, our fresh from the garden tortilla is up for the challenge. Made from real vegetable purées, garden herbs and pure olive oil, Vedgee is the freshest, most flavorful tortilla ever. So fresh it can only be found in the Produce department, naturally.
Our master chef has created four unique garden-inspired flavors, each with the perfect balance of authentic taste, aroma and texture. With so many choices, Vedgee satisfies any palate. Pairs superbly with any accompaniment. And, inspires any dish from savory to sweet.